As professional service providers ourselves, we understand firsthand the many challenges that come with running a professional practice. Client work always comes first, but that doesn’t do anything to reduce the burdens of running your own business. You have to manage your business and employees, market your services, meet with clients and prospects, maintain your professional accreditations and continue your education. Among all of these tasks, handling the day to day finances of your company can be a huge drain on your productivity.

You may have found that trying to handle everything yourself leaves you burning the wick at both ends. Many professional service providers struggle to find good help at a reasonable price.  And with your attention constantly being pulled in all directions, you need competent professionals that you can trust handling the day to day finances of your practice.

We provide a streamlined solution to meet all of your financial and accounting needs.  We are a bookkeeping and accounting firm dedicated to serving small business clients in Indiana. We provide a comprehensive solution that will allow you to focus on managing and growing your practice with complete confidence that your financial house is in order.

Our professional service accounting services include:

We also go beyond the basics. We aren’t just your normal bookkeeping firm. There is no problem or opportunity too big for us to handle. When you face critical moments and decisions that determine the ongoing success of your firm, you’ll have access to one of the most talented teams of business advisors in the country.

If you are ready to have a dedicated partner in the growth and success of your practice, we are ready to get to work!