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Business Enhancement Solutions

All_Services-1Aliign was created by our parent company, Blue & Co., LLC as a full-service accounting firm designed to meet the unique needs of small businesses while providing access to large accounting firm resources with the benefit of local, one-on-one client support.

Our primary mission is to help small businesses succeed, which is why we offer a full spectrum of business enhancement solutions. At Aliign we can meet all your accounting needs—including bill pay services, bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation and planning. Through our comprehensive services, we provide you with a panoramic view of your financial position throughout the year to avoid surprises at year end.

Accounting Services – Choose from a full range of accounting services to ensure that your financial goals line up with your financial reality. We keep you fully updated on the status of your business via periodic meetings to look over your expenses, financial statements and source documents to ensure your general ledger is accurate. With sound business analysis in hand, you are better equipped to make informed decisions and develop a sound tax-planning program.

Outsourced Bookkeeping – We handle all your bookkeeping needs—online! Using the latest technology enables us to become your internal accounting department, providing reliable bookkeeping support that relieves you of the time-consuming task. You also save money by eliminating the need for additional onsite staff, and gain the assurance that your trusted financial advisor is taking care of all your bookkeeping needs.

Bill Pay Services – Let us take care of your Accounts Payables with a system that integrates with Quick Books Software. We use a cloud-based, online business payments solution that is specifically developed to work with the industry-leading accounting software that includes QuickBooks.

Tax Planning – We provide you with an array of tax services—including Individual and business tax preparation and tax planning. Key to our tax offerings is sound planning in order to effectively minimize tax liabilities. Through proper planning, our goal is to eliminate any surprises at year end.

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