At Aliign, our experience and resources allow us to bring unique solutions to dental practices. Our Indiana dental CPAs and accountants provide proactive bookkeeping and accounting services to dentists across our service region.

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the following questions, now is the time to work with a trusted advisor with dental specific financial, accounting and consulting experience.

  • Should I use a CPA that specializes in dental accounting?
  • Is my dental practice operating efficiently and maximizing profitability?
  • How is my dental practice performing compared to my peers?
  • Is now the time to hire a dental associate?
  • Is this the right time to consider expanding my dental practice?
  • How do I sell my dental practice?
  • Am I effectively planning for my retirement?
  • Do I have a viable succession plan in place for my dental practice?

Our dental accountants and bookkeepers have years of experience working side by side with dentists, helping them manage and grow their practices effectively. We combine technology, efficiency and unmatched knowledge of dental accounting needs to deliver a level of service to our dental clients that is unmatched in our region.

Our dental accounting services include:

Beyond our day to day services, we also provide our clients with access to other vast resources, providing outstanding tax, audit, and consulting services to clients across the Midwest. While it may not be every day that dentists need this high level of expertise, complicated tax issues, growth opportunities and other issues come along from time to time that require the expert advice of a trusted, experienced advisor. In times like these, the value we bring truly separates us from our competition. Issues big enough to require high level expert advice are generally the moments that determine the success or failure of a business.  In these times, our clients can rely on the guidance of the most capable advisors.

Our Dental Services Group collaborates with the Indiana Dental Association to produce the bi-annual Indiana Dental Financial Survey.  These one of a kind dental surveys provide dentists with the industry trends and benchmarks they need to make informed decisions and develop effective strategies for the growth of their practices.

Dentists who rely on Aliign as their trusted advisor receive unmatched industry expertise, experience and service. If you are looking to take your practice to the next level, we would relish the opportunity to work with you.