Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Aliign Tax Planning Services Indiana Fact SheetWe provide you with an array of tax services—including individual and business tax preparation and tax planning. The key to our tax offerings is sound planning in order to effectively minimize tax liabilities. Through proper planning, our goal is to eliminate any surprises at year-end.

Paying too much in taxes can be troubling for small businesses and can negatively impact cash flow, so let our tax specialists work with you to develop a plan to minimize your tax burden.

Consider the value to your business:

  • Offer guidance on business decisions made throughout the year that will impact annual tax liability.
  • Employ strategies that will allow you to defer and/or accelerate revenue and/or expenses to another year, taking advantage of a lower tax rate.
  • Analyze your books at year-end for overlooked deductions.
  • Assist you on entity selection for your business to maximize available tax planning strategies.
  • Advise you on the timing of equipment purchases to maximize depreciation deductions.
  • Tax professionals dedicated to remaining up-to-date on the changing tax laws that affect your business.
  • Assistance with sales and use tax collections, remittance and reporting.
  • Our CPAs are licensed to practice in front of the Internal Revenue Service, state and local taxing authorities.
  • Aliign is fully equipped to meet all your basic tax needs. For more complex tax issues, our parent company Blue & Co., LLC is a valuable resource.


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